Travelling to Uganda: The Ultimate Guide (Part 1)

By Eddie Ssemakula

Story after story has been told about the country that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill dubbed the “Pearl of Africa,” and it still stands tall like no other on the continent’s eastern side. And we’re not even talking about her giraffes yet; just plain sightings.

There is no end to Uganda’s uniqueness, from its bird varieties to one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes in central Uganda, Victoria, the tree-climbing lions of western Uganda, and the bird-watching varieties spotted at Mabamba Bay swamp.

 Here are some key attractions that should get your planning started any day, as you anticipate your experience in this spectacularly wild part of Africa.

Travel To Uganda: Kidepo National park, Apoka. Photo by Mark Nsubuga
Kidepo National park, Apoka. Photo by Mark Nsubuga on Unsplash

Entebbe Botanical garden. Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

The best bird-watching tours in Uganda
Located on the edge of Lake Victoria, Mabamba Bay swamp boasts of multiple bird species, in a country that has been said to host 11 percent of the world’s bird species, you want to start here.

Abundant lions at Kidepo National Park.

Located on the far northeast
side of the country, her lion population appears to be the most attractive to behold. Kidepo was named by CNN as an underrated destination on the off-beaten paths of Uganda’s premier destinations. Kidepo is also in the vicinity of one of the world’s smallest tribes, the Ik people. Traveling there from the capital Kampala by road gets cumbersome, but chartered flights from Kajjansi exist. Grab a chance to explore one of Uganda’s finest parks.

Where can I see tree-climbing lions in Africa?

Such is the uniqueness of this East African country that even her lions demonstrate a unique and rare ability to climb trees. Located in Ishasha Queen Elizabeth national park, Ishasha boasts a unique lion population that has since become an attraction for backpackers and vacationers alike. You should be embarking too.  

Kampala’s nightlife
To be in Uganda is to enjoy a large portion of Kampala’s nightlife, but before it gets dark, it’s critical that you also partake in her daytime activities. Daytime activities include a visit to the Gaba fish market on the shores of Lake Victoria, the market is a thing of beauty, as you witness the finest business sights far from what you are familiar with in the west. Ndere centre, Uganda Museum, Old Kampala mosque, Kasubi tombs, and National Theatre in the heart of this city (historically named after her Impala population) also often host multiple cultural experiences at pocket change. Talk to our destination guide to include these in your itinerary.

Best primate Safari in Africa

If you haven’t travelled to this Virunga region in southwestern Uganda, specifically Kisoro district, you haven’t known about Bwindi Impenetrable Forest park, which is host to the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population. The park is an ecological beauty, with various bird and butterfly species to behold, make your way there, and let’s talk about your trip. (We can help you process your permit along with your full itinerary as soon as you say. Reach us.

Best place for chimp tracking in Uganda.

Kibale Forest in Western Uganda has also been dubbed the world’s primate capital. Her chimp population is incredible to behold. Talking to our reservation manager, who can also plan your itinerary, will help you figure out how to get a chimp trekking permit.

According to Uganda’s wildlife body, UWA.  “Kibale’s most popular activity is the Kanyanchu Primate Walk. Thirteen species can be sought, and a good variety of diurnal monkeys are invariably encountered. “ Plan to get there today.

There is no end to exhausting this gorgeous country, we will soon be exploring white water rafting, Batwa cultural experiences, Ngamba chimpanzee sightings, Sipi Falls, and Nile bungee experiences. There is no end to it, but as most Uganda enthusiasts understand, you always have to start somewhere, and we propose you start here. Talk soon?

Tree climbing lions in Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth national park. . Photo by Ivan Sabayuki on Unsplash

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