This is Lake Bunyonyi, the Uganda Bird Watching Paradise 

Lake Bunyonyi Photo/Sarah Hickman/ Facebook

Just when you think you have seen everything in Uganda, another surprise awaits: Lake Bunyonyi, in southwestern Uganda between the districts of Kisoro and Kabale, has 29 islands nestled in its waters, and the communities there continue to live a life very different from many Uganda birdwatching preferences.

For these seasoned birdwatchers who know, Bunyonyi combines the sights of waterbirds and some migratory birds you may want to spend all your visit beholding, as they flap across Uganda’s deepest lake, probably before you flap your arms swimming too, Well, not too far yet; we still need you alive.

Consider smelling the depths of one of Africa’s deepest lakes (in the league of Tanganyika, by the way). We are talking 900 meters (3000 feet)!

Yes, there are fish there, including crayfish and mudfish. This lake is not far from many tourist attractions, but it is close to the mountain gorilla habitats tucked away in the gorilla highlands.

It is a great place to unwind and hang out with friends and family, and the scenery on all 29 of its islands is breathtaking. Renowned for not inhabiting dangerous reptiles like crocodiles, swimming possibilities are therefore possible. 

Bunyonyi means “place of little birds,” and it is home to over 200 different bird species. How many bird species are you familiar with? Lake Bunyonyi, on the other hand, will test your knowledge to the limit. 

Beyond the birdwatching experiences, the cultural experiences around Uganda introduce a variety of destination experiences for both outsiders and Ugandans. We are talking about the Bakiga people’s teeming practices, crafts, and friendly intensity.

Stops include the Bakiga Cultural Museum and the blacksmith site. More cultural adventures await in Bufuka villages that focus on Batwa and Bakiga heritage.

Sleepovers are also open to accommodate birdwatchers among the indigenous houses.
Bunyonyi, as it is also known, has been around for 8000 years, and nearby bustling townships include Kyenvu and Muko, both of which have decent accommodation.

Punishment and Bushara Islands are two of the Lake’s 29 islands. Punishment Island bears a dark history, as it was the site of an ancient common practice in which many young girls were thrown off if they were not virgins before marriage. 

Boat rides with a birding guide are available on Lake Bunyonyi, and nearby accommodations include Paradise Eco Hub and Heras Country Resort, among others. Activities there range from biking to walking tours.

Like many others, our Bunyonyi birdwatching package includes some of the best-planned itineraries in the region; you simply have to get it. Talk to our trip advisor today.  

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