Under-estimating the Marvellous Mgahinga National Park

A Chameleon spotted in Mgahinga National Park. (Photo/Unsplash)

There’s no argument about Uganda’s beautiful people, land, and all-year-round lush vegetation. Add to that a pineapple and banana delicacy, and you have everything you need for a perfect safari.
Sure, in Uganda, national parks have vast species of animals and birds; from red-tailed monkeys to spotted hyenas, serval cats, and mountain gorillas, you have it almost everywhere you go, but one park does so well in amalgamating most of Uganda’s uniqueness.

Considered the smallest of the Pearl of Africa, this park will blow your mind with its ecstatic varieties.

Located in southwestern Uganda, Mgahinga, created in 1991, covers an area of 33.9km and (wait for it) also hosts three volcanoes. No, you haven’t seen anything like this yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you buckle up for the long drive through Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, you will come across the Garama cave, an ancient home for the Batwa tribe, which was common in this region long before their current resettlement.

If you are brave enough, a night in this cave could be added to your lodging options. Yes, think of it like waking up to a hoard of forest hogs, elephants, bushbucks, bushbabies, buffaloes, blue monkeys, and, oh, mountain gorillas.

Hear it from us: Mgahinga has proved to be a one-stop center for Uganda’s safari variety. Think of it as an opportunity to cover most of the animals that might also be in other parks, simply ready to ask your guides as many questions in order to gain knowledge.

 You do not want to underestimate one of Uganda’s finest destinations, so consider adding an underestimated destination like Mgahinga to your itinerary and chat with our travel advisor

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